Partners are contributing financially and in kind to the success of our ecosystem. Structural partners are part of our governing board defining our strategy. Together with our associate partners they play a leading role in our strategic programs. Support and educational partners contribute to our knowledge network and event program.



Associate Partners


"Open innovation and co-creation can only yield real results if all partners can work together in an environment of mutual trust and respect. This is reflected in our code of conduct that reflects the following values"

  1. We help our partners and members achieve success.
  2. We are an open and neutral organization with financial transparency.
  3. We focus on professionalism and quality.
  4. We ensure an objective governance structure.
  5. We ensure information and IP rights where necessary while promoting knowledge sharing and exchange.
  6. We analyse member satisfaction and prepare performance reports.
  7. We include ethical aspects and environmental responsibility in our operations.
  8. We pursue an active and outgoing information policy.