• Coinscribble / ThunderCore has partnered with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA) to launch a developer program for blockchain-based games and virtual worlds.
• This partnership is a commitment to bridge the South East Asia developer talent into Web3 and attract global Web3 talent into the region.
• ThunderCore provides a scalable and fast infrastructure for DApps, while YGG SEA is a gaming guild with strong grass roots presence, connecting and engaging with its community members in the SEA market.

Coinscribble & ThunderCore Partner With YGG SEA

Coinscribble and ThunderCore have announced their partnership with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia (YGG SEA), the largest blockchain gaming guild in Southeast Asia, to develop a new program that aims to take advantage of the growing demand for blockchain-based games and virtual worlds. This collaboration is an effort by both companies to provide developers from around the world access to this emerging technology in the South East Asian market.

Advantages of Partnership

The program will allow developers access to YGG SEA’s massive reach in the region as well as ThunderCore’s user retention skills, enabling them to enter the South East Asian market effectively. It will also give users of YGG SEA more than just playing games within the metaverse; providing go-to-market access for Blockchain game developers in this area. To date, YGG SEAs has over 80 games, 175K community members, and deployed 20,000 scholarships.

ThunderCore Infrastructure

ThunderCore provides a secure infrastructure for decentralized applications (DApps). It also excels at acquiring and retaining new users due to its entertainment-first approach which has been seen on DappRadar where it frequently clocks over 100,000 daily active users (DAU). This proven ecosystem retention mechanism will help developers retain players who join their platform or game through it’s fast and secure infrastructure making it perfect for high performance Dapps required for blockchain gaming such as Axie Infinity which was pioneered by the region in 2021/2022.

Southeast Asia Key Market

South East Asia is an important part of global economic growth and is becoming increasingly popular among Web3 communities like Axie Infinity. The partnership between Coinscribble/Thundercore and YGG Sea is expected to further accelerate this trend by making it easier for developers from around the world gain access to this emerging technology within this region of the world.


The partnership between Coinscribble/Thundercore with Yield Guild Games Southeast Asia demonstrates their shared commitment towards bridging global web3 talent into South East Asian markets while giving gamers more than just playing options thanks to its go-to-market access granted through using these two platforms together. Furthermore, thanks to its battle tested fast & secure infrastructures along with its user retention capabilities; both platforms are perfectly positioned towards supporting high performance dapps essential towards powering blockchain based video games & virtual reality worlds today & in future years ahead!

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